IDH launches the SourceUp platform that connects sustainable production landscapes with consumer markets

After 4 years of extensive work involving multiple stakeholders, in December, IDH launched its global platform SourceUp, which connects producing landscapes with consuming markets. SourceUp is a neutral collaboration platform designed to make supply chains more sustainable through the recognition of sourcing landscapes. In practice it connects agricultural commodity companies with multi-stakeholder initiatives in producing regions (Compacts). As a result, companies and Compacts can work together on the sustainable sourcing of agricultural commodities, while aligning local priorities with global commitments.

“SourceUp brings all stakeholders together and develops both the environment and business for sustainable sourcing,” said Christopher Brett, World Bank’s lead agribusiness expert, during an online event hosted on 15 December by IDH.

With SourceUp, companies can make purchasing decisions to meet sustainability targets and commitments, which in turn increases transparency by providing relevant and accurate information about the landscape, as well as investing in territorial initiatives.

On the other hand, the model provides guidance to producing communities and local governments to put in place management structures that will equip these production systems for a future that is increasingly demanding in terms of sustainability.

“The landscape strategy is a solution to systemic issues that the farm-by-farm approach, or direct contact by companies cannot generate alone,” stressed Matthew Spencer, IDH’s Global Landscapes Director.

In the case of Mato Grosso, the platform leverages the dissemination of the existing Compacts in Vale do Juruena, Sorriso and Barra do Garças, in Mato Grosso, and in the Balsas region, in Maranhão, thereby expanding the interconnectivity with buyer markets and potential investors.

“We need a tool to connect the market and the sourcing regions that are committed to sustainable development. That is what SourceUp does,” said Fernando Sampaio, executive director of the PCI Institute.
You can watch the video of the event held on the 15th, here.

SourceUp in Vietnam

In 2019, stakeholders in Vietnam’s Central Highlands signed a “Production – Protection –  Inclusion Compact” to improve the sustainability of 5,200 hectares of agricultural land in a socially inclusive way. By 2025, the Compact aims to reduce water use by 25%, chemical fertilizer use by 15% and farmer incomes to increase by 30%.

In May 2021, JDE Peet’s became the first company to use the new supply chain sustainability solution SourceUp as part of their commitment towards 100% responsibly sourced coffee by 2025.

SourceUp in Colombia

The US Department of State, through WWF, is investing in consultancy for the three PPI Compacts in Colombia to identify and address information gaps in the landscapes for the recognition of verified sourcing areas.

IDH’s SourceUp Platform was chosen to host the project, the aim of which is to implement an action plan that creates/expands the ability to accelerate this jurisdictional approach model. The work will be carried out in close integration with IDH, following an inclusive strategy that seeks to engage stakeholders from different sectors. The result is expected to be made publicly available in the second half of 2022.