IDH and Safaricom merge resources to protect the Mau forest

IDH signed a partnership with Safaricom Foundation  to help protect the South West Mau Forest, an important water catchment area. Addressing forest degradation will enhance the ecosystem services required in the production of tea and other crops’.
The South West Mau is the largest of the 22 blocks of the Mau Forest Complex (MFC) and covers 60,000 ha of a total 412,000 ha.

Senior Program Manager Initiative for Sustainable Landscapes Kenya (ISLA) Winnie Mwaniki applauded the partnership, saying that it is through such initiatives, that the South West Mau will be restored to its former glory: “IDH, Sustainable Trade Initiative is part of a coalition with partners under the Initiative for Sustainable  Landscapes (ISLA) to work in the South West Mau Forest and the surrounding landscape along the Sondu River Basin.

ISLA Kenya counts on the continued support and involvement of our partners, including local communities and companies like Unilever, KTDA and Finlays to promote our aims, and our work in the South West Mau Forest Block.

Our vision, to create our flourishing future, will be realized through the strength of our multi-stakeholder coalition.”