IDH to scale investment in sustainable land management through LDN technical assistance

The Land Degradation Neutrality Technical Assistance (LDN TA) Facility, managed by IDH, is offering technical assistance to profit-generating sustainable land management and restoration projects to help them get investment from the LDN Fund.

Investments in sustainable land management projects are needed to avoid, reduce and reverse land degradation. The LDN Fund, co-promoted by the UNCCD, is a first-of-its-kind fund investing in such projects that can generate a profit while contributing to SDG 15.3.

However, project preparedness can be a major bottleneck for sustainable land management investment. The LDN technical assistance facility (TAF), managed by IDH, helps to alleviate this bottleneck.

It can provide grants and reimbursable grants to investment projects that have the potential to be invested into by the LDN Fund, and be investment-ready within 24 months. Pre-investment technical assistance (TA) can focus on enhancing technical, operational and financial design and structures, as well as project preparedness support related to broader social and environmental impact.

Applications for pre-investment TA support are now open. To be eligible for LDN TAF pre-investment support, a project needs to demonstrate it meets the LDN TAF eligibility criteria, and pass through a five-stage selection process.

Find out more about the LDN TAF service and on how to apply for technical assistance.

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