Joost Oorthuizen becomes CEO of Invest International

Effective October 19th, 2020, our CEO Joost Oorthuizen will become the CEO of a new, to be set up, development and investment bank in the Netherlands called Invest International (see the press release in Dutch)┬áInvest International will manage both development and investment funds to work with Dutch businesses in emerging markets for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This new role is a great opportunity for Joost, at the intersection of business and the SDGs, and in continuity with the work he has led at IDH. It is also an excellent recognition for Joost’s achievements as the CEO of IDH over the last 12 years. Under Joost’s entrepreneurial drive and relentless belief in IDH’s mission, IDH has grown from a small Dutch initiative into a well-respected international organization, now employing 250 people, co-investing 50 million Euros a year, and convening governments, global traders, brands, and retailers in over 40 countries to unlock sustainability in value chains. Joost leaves behind a powerful organization with an experienced Management Team, which will manage daily businesses and support the IDH Supervisory Board, as it works to appoint Joost’s successor.