Secure living wages

Economic inequality is one of the biggest threats that the world currently faces. To tackle this difficult topic and break the cycle of poverty, a critical step is to secure living wages for all workers. A key priority for IDH is pursuing a guaranteed wage for workers that allows a decent standard of living. We’re therefore pleased with our partner Unilever set of commitments to help build a more equitable and inclusive society, and especially their commitment to ensure every worker in their supply chain earns a living wage by 2030.

IDH supports companies to take effective action in their journey towards living wages. We developed a 5-step Roadmap on Living Wages to create consensus and alignment on the topic and build two practical tools. Unilever is already part of our Roadmap, together with a dozen leading companies with advice from key sustainability organizations, and we need all stakeholders to build together a living wage economy to eradicate poverty.

This year, IDH will organize a series of (digital) events with partners to support all stakeholders with actions to secure living wages for all workers.

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