SourceUp promotes Regional Compacts and socio-productive chain projects in international corporate environment

A new solution to connect territories and markets is being born: SourceUP, a new collaboration platform for more sustainable supply chains – a key to sustainable sourcing. It connects markets to production areas for responsible purchasing at scale and along supply chains, while also enabling support for projects developed in the territories. By sharing relevant and accurate data, SourceUp increases transparency, helping companies make purchasing decisions that will meet sustainability commitments while raising the bar for sustainability at the landscape level.

The SourceUp model provides advice to producer communities and public authorities to create governance structures that can help prepare their production systems for the future.  Through SourceUp, players can decide on shared goals and make a long-term agreement, which is called “Compact”.

supply chain sustainability and sustainable sourcing
SourceUp Platform

In the case of Mato Grosso, the platform will enhance the dissemination of existing Compacts, in the Vale do Juruena, Sorriso and Barra do Garças, and increase the possibility of interconnection with the buying markets.

Information about the new tool was shared with the signatories of the Regional Compacts of Mato Grosso, during committee meetings, held in the first week of December, by IDH Brazil Program Manager, Guilherme do Couto Justo.

According to him, the benefits are mutual. The Compacts can use SourceUp to publicly show their objectives and achievements in establishing favorable conditions to be considered Verified Source Areas (VSA). Meanwhile, companies that purchase agricultural commodities can use this information to meet their sustainability goals by financing projects, providing technical assistance, or purchasing from local supply chains. “Through SourceUp, the commitments of the Compacts gain worldwide visibility and companies can connect with the Compacts and support their development”, Justo explained.

These commitments and actions are documented in the platform and available to the public, thereby establishing an environment of credibility and trust. “The Platform’s proposal is connection and transparency. This is not a tool for monitoring the goals of the Compacts, which remains the responsibility of local committees, but an environment where it is possible to understand the commitments of both territories and companies with sustainability in the production chains,” Justo added.

SourceUp already has a web address, under testing, which can be visited by clicking here.