The Living Wage Action Guide is now live

Explore how you can take action with your supply chain partners to close living wage gaps


IDH is launching a new resource under the Roadmap on Living Wages: the Living Wage Action Guide. This Guide will support companies to close the living wage gap.

We can only succeed to close living wage gaps when every partner assumes responsibility and does their part. In the Living Wage Action Guide, companies can explore which interventions can help towards the payment of living wages in their supply chain.

The Living Wage Action Guide will help companies find the path to the best interventions for their situation. Browsing freely through the Guide, identifying potential challenges and solutions is also possible. For each intervention, practical tips and inspiring examples are provided.

Visit to explore on what you can do on your own and where you need to collaborate with others.

The items in the Living Wage Action Guide and the linkages between the items are based on a thorough assessment of international frameworks, guidelines, and publications in the living wage domain.  The Living Wage Action Guide is created by IDH, in cooperation and consultation with a broad range of experts including NewForesight, Ergon, Schuttelaar & Partners and all the partners of the IDH Roadmap on Living wages.

Visit the Living Wage Action Guide