Vietnamese Government awards IDH with medal of achievement

During COP28 in Dubai, the Vietnamese Minister of Agriculture & Development (MARD) awarded IDH with a Certificate of Merit for what he described as remarkable contributions to agricultural development in Vietnam.

He presented Daan Wensing, CEO of IDH, Tran Quynh Chi, Director of Asian Landscape, and Huynh Tien Dung, IDH’s Vietnamese Chief Representative with a certificate and a commemorative medal.

This accolade is a testament to the impact on the agricultural sector that has been made possible through the collaboration of IDH and its partners in Vietnam, with the support of the government and donors. This recognition coincides with IDH’s 15-year anniversary, which was celebrated in Vietnam this week.

Since the Landscapes Coffee Programme was first started in 2018, the partnership has managed to protect natural forests, increase production volumes, and make the coffee sector more inclusive. In 2023, the public-private partnership developed the first national action plan in the world on deforestation and degradation-free sourcing areas and supply chains in compliance with the new European Union Deforestation Regulation (EUDR), which promotes reforestation and minimizes negative impacts on vulnerable farming communities.

Other outcomes recognized by this award:

  • Smallholder inclusion: IDH and partners collectively committed to support 110,000 farmers to improve livelihoods by 2025, of which 70% has already been reached to date. A 15% income increase is expected among up to 50,000 farmers as a result of income diversification, production cost optimization and improved access to services and finance.
  • Responsible production and land-use: from 2018-2023, an estimated 700,000 MT of sustainable products, including coffee and intercrops, were sustainably produced over 130,000 ha of farmland, spanning 5 key districts in the Central Highlands.
  • Protecting 160,000 ha and restoring 900 ha of forest through a holistic approach is calculated to increase carbon sequestration.
  • Regenerative agriculture and residue management with 20% reduction in chemical fertilizers, over 1,6 million intercrops and agroforestry trees planted on farms. This contributes to an estimated 20% reduction in carbon emission in the active Compacts by end of 2025.

Pham Ngoc Mau, Deputy Director General of the International Cooperation Department at MARD, said, “We trust that the working relationship between Vietnam and IDH will continue to strengthen, allowing us to extend assistance to more farmers, all the while preserving this profound impact. It is indeed a privilege to align ourselves with IDH and to award upon their leadership team the esteemed Merit of Certificate. The commemorative medals presented by MARD acknowledge IDH’s unwavering dedication and relentless efforts in advancing the cause of agriculture and rural development. The impact of their initiatives is evident in the improved lives of farming communities that have been beneficiaries of these transformative programmes.”

Daan Wensing said, “This is a tremendous honour that transcends our individual contributions. It is a recognition of the collective efforts of the entire IDH organisation, our partners, donors, and the government of Vietnam, whose dedication and hard work have propelled us to where we stand today. I am truly privileged to lead such an exceptional group of individuals.”