Life And Building Safety Initiative – Annual Report 2023

Welcome to the Annual Report 2023 for the Life and Building Safety Initiative!

This year marked a pivotal chapter for the Initiative as it expanded operations to include Indonesia, alongside existing presence in India, Vietnam, and Cambodia. This expansion not only broadened its reach but also deepened commitment to fostering safer workplaces across key apparel-producing countries.

In collaboration with associated firms, LABS worked with over 500 factories, addressing pressing safety concerns and prioritising the well-being of workers. Through concerted efforts, we achieved significant milestones, driving positive impacts for over a million workers employed within these factories.

By the close of 2023, our collective endeavors yielded tangible results, with approximately 80% of identified safety issues remediated in India and Vietnam. Almost 85% of these addressed issues were classified as high-priority, indicating potentially life-threatening hazards that were effectively mitigated.

We invite you to read the report and explore how the Life and Building Safety Initiative is driving positive impact in the industry.

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