About the objectives of the Beyond Chocolate Working Groups

  • Mobilise and map state-of-the-art knowledge, first-hand experiences and best practices around the specific themes. Relevance for the 2025 and 2030 targets of the Beyond Chocolate ambition is a guiding principle in this respect.
  • Create ownership and common understanding of definitions, relevant research and ongoing initiatives among Beyond Chocolate partners.
  • The Beyond Chocolate Partnership text lists several SDGs. The working groups will advise the steering committee on the choice of the relevant SDG targets and indicators linked to their specific theme.
  • Explore possible intermediary targets towards 2025 and 2030 for the common ambition of the Partnership and agree on a proposal for the steering committee.
  • Refine the basic indicators mentioned in the Partnership document and formulate a set of relevant, measurable and time-bound indicators.
  • Draft recommendations on criteria for inclusion in the first call for proposals. The long-term ambition of living income for the producers remains the lighthouse of the partnership. The steering committee decided to launch the first call for proposals the overarching theme being living income.
  • Formulate a recommendation for the steering committee on the necessity and possible objectives for each of the working groups to continue their work after December 5th, 2019.


Members of the Beyond Chocolate Working Groups:

Working Group on Living Income, chaired by Kristin Komives (ISEAL)

Raphael Audoin-Rouzeau Puratos
Samuel Poos Enabel
Kristin Komives ISEAL
Bart Van Besien Oxfam Wereldwinkels
Ellen Jacobs Mars
Charles Snoeck Fairtrade Belgium
Johan Van Den Bossche Rikolto
Philippe Weiler Lidl
Philippe Toussaint Colruyt Group
Jérémie Gross BIO Invest


Working Group on Ending Deforestation, chaired by Violaine Berger (IDH)

Béatrice Wedeux WWF
Sebastiaan Van der Hoek Cargill
Pieter Van de Sype Bos+
Cedric Van Cutsem Mondelez
Pascal Boeckx UGent
Iris Millenaar Rainforest Alliance
Wouter Vanhove UGent
Bram Vanschoenwinkel VUB
Violaine Berger IDH
Kelly Hertenweg FOD Environment


Working Group on Youth and Decent Work, chaired by Sylvie Bianchi (Samilia Foundation)

Sylvie Bianchi Samilia Foundation
Dirk Jacxsens Libeert
Eva Verbist Trias
Anke Massart Barry Callebaut
Amber Harms Nestle
Emanuele Biraghi Unicef
Namratha Ramanan KU Leuven