IDH Sustainable Trade Management Response

KPMG has submitted their final impact evaluation of IDH’s 2016-2020 Program Portfolio. Research by external organizations allow us to understand and improve our work as convenors seeking to develop and scale up sustainability efforts around the world. We appreciate validation of the work and accept the learnings that will help us improve as we move forward.

The evaluators from KPMG confirmed several key achievements and features of our organization that reaffirm our track record as a successful convenor for sustainable market transformation coalitions. There is clear recognition that IDH has relevance and additionality. The research found that most of the IDH Proof of Concepts have achieved their outcome objectives at the sector and business practice level. Researchers also found that IDH demonstrated enhanced relevance, additionality, and effectiveness across the five innovation strategies that emerged over the period of 2016-2020.i For an ambitious organization with a diverse programme portfolio these are significant achievements.

Download the full report from KPMG below.

Download publication

Download publication

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