Recommendations for a Due Diligence Action Plan (NL)

Between March and October 2021, Van Hulsen Consulting has supported companies under the IRBC agreement for the floricultural sector in the implementation of due due diligence. As one of their deliverables, Van Hulsen has delivered a report with individual and collective recommendations for implementing due diligence.

The report is divided into 3 parts: (1) encouraging and facilitating due diligence, (2) working on impact and (3) continued implementation of the due diligence cycle

The report is best read in this order, and recommends to first roll out available due diligence tools (chapter 1). After that, a company can determine its priorities and perform activities either individually or with its suppliers and buyers (chapter 2). Finally, the report provides recommendations on how to continuously improve and safeguard due diligence processes.

Download publication

Download publication

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