Louis Dreyfus Company: The business case for a landscape approach to sustainable coffee production in Vietnam

“The multi-stakeholder approach really makes sense in the coffee sector. Climate change, soil erosion, water scarcity, etc. are big issues where the involvement of governmental and non-governmental organizations is required as well as all the players of the value chain, i.e our suppliers, our competitors, and our customers.”

Duoc Nguyen, Sustainability Manager, Coffee Platform at Louis Dreyfus Company in Vietnam

Declining production and product quality due to the impact of climate change on natural resources has driven the Coffee Platform of Louis Dreyfus Company to join IDH’s Initiative for Sustainable Landscape Approach (ISLA) in the Central Highlands of Vietnam.

ISLA sees Louis Dreyfus Company join forces with its coffee-producing competitors on the Landscape Steering Committee in Lam Dong province. The initiative aims to mitigate risks regarding future supply and provides a platform to discuss with government about policy changes beneficial for the future of their business.

Download the case study below, and explore more business case studies here.

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