Materials Yearbook 2020

In 2020, the cotton-production sector was not immune to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. IDH and the Better Cotton Growth and Innovation Fund (“Better Cotton GIF” or “the Fund”) worked together with Implementing Partners (IPs) in Mozambique, India, Pakistan, Turkey, and China to deliver training to smallholder cotton farmers to improve their agronomic and Decent Work practices.

Outside of our partnership with BCI and our response to the pandemic, our work on climate resilience in Mozambique and Maharashtra continued to gain momentum as modifying the training methods to reach farmers was critical.

Gender intentionality remained key to our work and, in 2020, IDH, with technical expertise from Breakthrough India, conducted training on gender-based violence for approximately 2,800 field-level staff from 17 IPs from its cotton, tea, and spices programs in India.

Read our 2020 Yearbook to know more about the Materials programs’ activities and results.


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