Terms of Reference: Baseline study to evaluate farming methods, carbon emissions, and household incomes in coffee-producing districts of South India

Climate action must accelerate to mitigate climate change’s impacts on agriculture and transition rural economies to low-carbon pathways. Private sector organizations committed to sustainability play a pivotal role. IDH recognizes the importance of collaboration among industry players for effective climate action. Climate change is affecting coffee production in India, leading to yield reduction and income instability for coffee growers in the state of Karnataka and Kerala. Risks such as erratic rainfall, higher temperatures, pests, and diseases are destabilizing coffee production in the region.

The proposed intervention involves multi-stakeholder collaboration for sustainable sourcing to address climate change in the coffee and spices sector.

This assignment aims to establish a baseline for key indicators such as farming practices, natural resource management, carbon footprint, and farm-related income. It will inform investments in climate-resilient farming and provide metrics for impact monitoring while reducing barriers through pre-competitive collaboration and enhanced capacities.

The proposal must be submitted to Mr. Saurabh Sinha at sinha@idhtrade.org and Mr. Pritam Nanda at nanda@idhtrade.org before 1800 Hrs Indian Standard Time, 24th May 2024.

Questions regarding the assignment or the ToR can be submitted until 17th May 2024 (1800 Hrs IST) by e-mail to the above email addresses.

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