RFI: Empanelment of Implementing Partners for the Karnataka Climate Resilient Coffee and Spices Landscape (KCRL) Program

Recognizing the climate change faced by the coffee and spices growing farmers in Karnataka, IDH since early 2022, has engaged private sector partners as well as other public actors and civil society in Karnataka, to move towards a shared agenda and commonly owned targets based on Production, Protection, Inclusion (PPI) framework. The Landscape approach creates and links a rising market demand for responsibly produced agricultural commodities as well as uses market forces and local governance to co-invest in sustainable production.

The KCRL program was launched in early March 2023 in Bangalore where it was agreed to build a multi-stakeholder partnership towards the following impact areas:

  • Build greater climate resilience and improve farm yields in the production systems for coffee and black pepper in Karnataka with focus on the districts of Kodagu, Hassan and Chikamagalur,
  • Apply regenerative principles to preserve and enhance natural resources as soil and water,
  • Improve smallholder incomes with a focus to shift it towards more stable and equitable incomes,
  • Mitigate GHG emissions from coffee production and interventions in the commons,
  • Preserve and enhance biodiversity through nature-based solutions

KCRL is seeking information from organisations to empanel them as potential Implementing Partners (IPs). The eligible organisations can be:

  • Non-profit organisations with FCRA and related compliances
  • For profit organisations with relevant compliance to receive foreign funding The organisations should have prior experience of working on the coffee value chain, with farmers’ institutions and a good understanding of the coffee sector.
  • Organisations with a base in Karnataka with experience of working with Farmer Producer Organisations in the coffee production districts of Chikamagalur, Hassan, Kodagu and Chamrajnagar will have additional weightage.

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