Southern African Food Systems Alliance: New members update

The Southern African Food Systems Alliance, launched in Johannesburg on June 21st, 2023, is a business-led alliance centred on the ambition of 80% of total viable sourcing to be from within the SADC region by 2033. The Alliance will support the development of SMEs and their supply chains to create jobs, the inclusion of women, youth, small and emerging farmers, and the adoption of climate-smart and regenerative agricultural practices.

To support the Alliance’s ambitions, IDH will provide direct grant support and technical assistance to develop and strengthen SMEs and their supply chains. IDH is also setting up a Seed Capital Facility that will be based in South Africa to provide early-stage seed financing for SMEs that can be linked to longer-term commercial financing. The Alliance seeks to partner with companies that have influence in Southern African food value chains and are well aligned with its goals.

We would like to welcome the following companies recently joining the Alliance: AGT Foods, Temong Management, RegenZ, Mafube Fresh, and Goed Life.



AGT Foods

It is a South Africa-based and global production, processing, and trading organisation involved in all branches of the agricultural sector.

“We collectively have a responsibility to humanity and the environment to leave it in a better place; our legacy should be creating mechanisms and initiatives that achieve that for the next generation. IDH has created an Alliance to empower Africans to empower themselves and adopt principles of an all-inclusive economic upliftment system, which we support wholeheartedly.” – George Tomazos, COO of AGT Foods

Temong Management

Temong Management is a South African food processing SME with steam sterilization processing capacity and extensive sourcing relationships with small and emerging farmers. Temong has been established in partnership with AGT Foods and Unilever South Africa.

“By joining the Southern African Food Systems Alliance, we can achieve our main principles of a more inclusive involvement with emerging farmers in developing high-quality crops and solid value chain delivery.”- Lazarus Mosena, director and owner of Temong Management


RegenZ commercializes innovative agricultural and crop production technologies in Southern Africa. It focuses on regenerative solutions for the commercial and smallholder agriculture sector.

“The Southern African Food Systems Alliance created a very clear picture and project scope of how we can get involved and take our knowledge and product offering from large-scale farming operations and adapt them to the small-holder environment. With a key focus on soil health and regenerative farming practices, we are excited at the impact we can have in creating sustainable food supply chains that will profoundly improve food security, human health, and rural communities.” – Alex Platt, director at RegenZ.

Mafube Fresh

Mafube Fresh is a supplier of fresh whole fruits exclusively to a premium retailer, Woolworths, in South Africa, Lesotho, Botswana, Swaziland, Mozambique, Namibia, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

“It is exhilarating to be part of a movement that is set to create self-sufficiency in Southern Africa and beyond.” – Emmaculate Malashe, Managing Director of Mafube Fresh.

The Goed Life

The Goed Life is a manufacturer and contract packer of premium quality food and beverage products in South Africa for premium retail markets.

“As a Food and Beverage Manufacturer in South Africa, we recognise the challenges faced by Smallholder Farmers in rural areas across the country. Our company is dedicated to building a strong working relationship with the Alliance, and IDH. Through this partnership, we aim to create a positive impact within these underserved rural communities, and we look forward to a fruitful collaboration going forward.” – Rob Templeton, Managing Director of The Goed Life.

With these new members, the total Alliance membership now stands at 21 companies. Our aim is to continue growing the Alliance membership base with the right partners to play an influential role in Southern African food value chains. With the support mechanisms that IDH is developing, the value we can create together will be significant!

If you want to learn more about the Alliance, please contact David Black ( or visit the Southern Africa Food Systems Transformation website.