IDH has been working in Belgium since 2018 to convene actors for the purpose of making their supply chains more sustainable.

The way we work

IDH puts people, planet, and progress at the heart of trade by leveraging the power of markets to create better jobs, better incomes, a better environment, and gender equity for all. To achieve this objective, IDH brings together people within corporations, the global financial sector, and governments with influence over global value chains to co-create and co-invest.

History and main activities

The Belgian IDH office was established mid-2019, after the Belgian government appointed IDH to manage the Beyond Chocolate Program. This multi-stakeholder partnership aims to make the Belgian chocolate sector more sustainable, bringing together over 70 important actors along the cocoa supply chain.
The Belgian office has continued to manage the program and has expanded its scope over the years. As such, the office is now working on a program on living wages in a variety of sectors.
The second phase of Beyond Chocolate is now undergoing (2022-2025).

The team in Belgium

  • Els Haelterman

    Director International Partnerships & Country Director Belgium

  • Charles Snoeck

    Senior Program Manager, Beyond Chocolate

  • Marloes Humbeeck

    Senior Program Officer, Beyond Chocolate

  • Astrid Baeten

    Program Manager, Agri Commodities

  • Natalia Yerashevich

    Senior Manager, International Partnerships

  • Maarten De Ruyck

    Program Manager, Living Wage Assessment

  • An-Heleen de Greef

    Senior Manager, International Partnerships

  • Francesca Antifora

    Manager, International Partnerships, Operations and Communications

  • Olatz Armengod

    Senior Program Officer Markets & SourceUp, Landscapes

  • Dianah Takundwa

    M&E Advisor, Value Chain Transformation

  • Elisa Uwimbabazi

    Executive Assistant, International Partnerships

  • Stan Lietaer

    International Partnerships & Fundraising Manager

Sectors IDH Belgium is working in

Together with its partners, IDH is working to increase farmer livelihoods, mitigate deforestation and promote responsible agrochemical management. Since we manage the Beyond Chocolate program, the office's main focus is on cocoa. However, increasingly more attention is given to Agri commodities (former Food Crops & ingredients), specifically bananas. IDH has grown very fast in the past couple of years integrating new business units in the Brussels office. It now includes members of the Landscape and the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) teams.

Our funding partners

IDH receives core funding from the Dutch, Swiss and Danish ministries of foreign affairs. The Beyond Chocolate program is funded by Belgian Development Cooperation