Coronavirus (COVID-19) has meant a huge change to our daily lives across the world. During this challenging time, we endeavor to be a reliable and useful source of information for our network.
This is your platform to keep in the know on critical COVID-19 impacts upon supply chains, and IDH and its stakeholders’ mitigating actions.

We are committed to support our public and private partners, so that the consequences to those most vulnerable – the farmer, worker households and SMEs upstream in the supply chains – will be minimized. COVID-19 has demonstrated that we need to work together to win. We are all part of the solution. Businesses and governments must put partnerships at the heart of their solutions. Now is the time to show solidarity with the most vulnerable production systems that serve our world. We believe businesses that stand by their partners in this crisis will come out of this stronger in the long run.

Joost Oorthuizen, CEO of IDH


  • For our Spanish speaking audience: ¿Cómo están respondiendo las empresas agrícolas y los operadores territoriales a COVID-19?

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  • How agricultural/forestry companies and landscapes operators in Africa are responding to COVID19

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  • COVID19: On-site measures to support workers and neighboring communities

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IDH Videos on COVID-19

Listen to the podcast: Digital finance solutions for agricultural supply chains during COVID-19

In this podcast we will explore digital finance solutions for agricultural supply chains in the current COVID-19 crisis. IDH Farmfit’s Kaushik Ramakrishnan is joined by Ad Rietberg and Faith Mulwa from Agri-Wallet, an inspiring fintech company, to discuss the ground realities of the COVID-19 crisis in Africa, and what role digital finance solutions can play to make supply chains more resilient, especially now.

IDH Sustainable Trade Podcast · 23 – Digital finance solutions for agricultural supply chains during COVID-19

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What we found useful from others

The FAO is playing a role in assessing and responding to the potential impacts of COVID-19 on people’s life and livelihoods, global food trade, markets, food supply chains and livestock.

The WTO provides up-to-the minute trade-related information including relevant notifications by WTO members, the impact the virus has had on exports and imports and how WTO activities have been affected by the pandemic.

WEF publishes information on the current situation with the COVID-19 coronavirus and its effects on global health, the economy, and more.