IDH vision is a world where workers operate under safe and healthy conditions, are valued and living wages are an integral part of a sustainable, resilient business.

Find out through these two programs how IDH is working to establish safe and healthy workplaces.

Life & Building Safety

The health and safety of workers should be paramount for all businesses. At a minimum, all workers should have access to safe factories and workspaces.

In the apparel industry, IDH created together with brands Bestseller, Gap, Target, VF Corporation, and Walmart a life-safety program.

The Life and Building Safety initiative (LABS) strives to make the apparel and footwear supply chain safe from safety risks related to structural, electrical and fire safety, and to facilitate evacuation preparedness.

It is fully funded by the private sector.

Will invite you to join forces and drive the factories showing their commitment towards responsible sourcing and creating safer workspaces. Find out more about LABS.



Women's Safety Accelerator Fund

Through the Women’s Safety Accelerator Fund (WSAF), Unilever, Tesco and IDH, address gender-based violence in agricultural value chains.

With a combined investment till date of €2 Million, the goal is to accelerate the scale of the UN Women ‘Global Women’s Safety Framework in Rural Spaces’ and ensure that ‘all women and girls are socially, economically, and politically empowered in rural spaces that are free from sexual harassment and other forms of violence’.

To start, WSAF aims to reach 200,000 women tea workers in Assam, India by 2023. In due course, WSAF will be scaled and replicated beyond the tea sector, to other regions and agricultural sectors.

If you share our goals, you can strengthen our initiative. Find out more about WSAF.


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