BLOG: Engaging Smallholders in Forest Friendly Value Chains

IDH’s Production, Protection and Inclusion (PPI) compacts focus on sustainability beyond single farm gates, across a whole landscape. PPI compacts bring all stakeholders together (business, local and national government, communities, civil society organizations), to agree on the conditions for sustainable production, the localization of the forest to be protected…

More than 70% of tropical deforestation is caused by agriculture, driven by production of global commodities such as soy, beef, palm oil, and wood products. Smallholder farmers are important players in these sectors – they produce, for example, 40% of the world’s palm oil. This means deforestation can’t be addressed by solely working with the big players; there is a need to develop new solutions that take into account smallholder farmers’ specific needs.

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Violaine Berger is Senior Manager, Learning and Innovation  at IDH