Fresh & Ingredients program further strengthened

With eight more companies representing all parts of the supply chain joining, the power of our Fresh & Ingredients program has further increased. New members representation include production, trade and retail. 

The new members commit to increase in sustainable volumes sourced. The Fresh & Ingredients program combines a number of agro-commodities such as fruit, vegetables, spices and flowers, and provides cross-sector solutions on working conditions, agrochemical use and climate change issues.

The Floriculture Sustainability Initiative has been joined by: BGI, Expoflores, Greenyard, Royal Van Zanten, Toom Baumarkt (part of Rewe Group), and Van der Salm.

The Sustainable Juice Covenant increased its members with its first non-European member: Burke Agro from Nicaragua, and AgroFair. The partners in the juice covenant are also in talks with a Dutch retailer.


All new Fresh & Ingredients members include:

Floriculture Sustainability Initiative

BGI – Verband des Deutschen Blumen- Groß- und Importhandels e.V is the Association of the German Flower Wholesale and Import Trade. As representative for one of the largest European markets for flowers and plants, BGI takes sustainability matters for the German floriculture industry very seriously. Answering the question of how the German wholesalers will face future industry challenges, BGI encourages all actors to work in cooperation towards a global and sustainable market. It should be profitable to all participants and be the foundation for future generations to continue good and responsible business.

Expoflores, the Association of Flower Growers and Exporters of Ecuador and their sustainability Standard, FlorEcuador Certified® joined FSI as representative of the Ecuadorian flower grower sector. Expoflores’ main purpose is to provide services to its members and to promote social and environmental responsibility. As a new member of FSI, FlorEcuador Sustainability Standard will update to a 3.0 revised version and start the benchmarking process with the aim to become part of the FSI Basket of Standards. Furthermore, the organisation is supporting the international approach and recognition of FSI globally.

Dutch breeder Royal Van Zanten has an international presence on all continents, and as such takes its social and environmental responsibility very seriously. As new FSI member, Royal van Zanten is committed to reduce the use of crop protection chemicals and for this reason, they are focusing on breeding varieties that are resistant to plant diseases. They are also committed to good citizenship in every country in which they work, ensuring that local communities can benefit from their success and workers are given opportunities to grow and take up management positions.

Member of the REWE Group, toom Baumarkt ranks with about 350 stores among the leading suppliers of the German DIY store industry. People’s wellbeing and nature’s protection are at the core of toom Baumarkt corporate culture. Based on four sustainability pillars, Toom is committed to the conscious and fair treatment of resources, the environment and their own employees and society. By certifying their products, toom Baumarkt contributes to the transparency of the entire product chain and helps customers to make sustainable purchasing decisions, promoting profitable and responsible business.

Greenyard’s Fresh division is a worldwide market leader in fresh fruit and vegetables, flowers and plants, and fresh produce logistics. Its commitment to sustainability is thoroughly rooted in the organization and responsible farming is at the core. People, planet and profit are the three Ps at the basis of the Greenyard’s company strategy. By combining his strategy with three sustainable Ps, people, product and packaging, Greenyard’s fresh division ensures the production of high quality and sustainable products.

Van der Salm is an ultra-modern greenhouse horticulture company with 11 facilities in the Netherlands and one in Portugal. The company aims to produce stronger plants and use less crop protection products by using environmentally conscious production methods. Van der Salm is MPS-A+, MPS GAP and MPS SQ certified which shows its strong commitment with the needs of people, environment and society.  Through certification, Van der Salm ensures the production of safe sustainably cultivated, high quality and easily traceable products and moves towards the trend of a more environmental conscious market.

Sustainable Juice Covenant

Burke Agro is the Sustainable Juice Covenant’s 1st non-European member. The company from Nicaragua is a processor/packer that purchases fresh fruits (passion fruit, pineapple, pitaya) directly from growers.

AgroFair is an importer and distributor of Fairtrade and organic tropical fresh fruit.  The Dutch company is also a member of the Sustainability Initiative Fruit and Vegetables. Their link to juice is with Fairtrade pineapple and orange juice.