New insights report into efficient service delivery and finance for smallholders

We are happy to share our suggested holiday reading. This latest report presents findings and best practices from our innovating partners; empowering farmers through service delivery, while generating sustainable returns to their businesses. 

IDH’s approach to smallholder engagement continues to gain traction with our partners. Following a co-design session held in Amsterdam earlier this year, we are moving forward as planned to launch the Smallholder Innovation Platform.

To that end, we are happy to announce the release of our latest report “Driving innovations in smallholder engagement: Insights in service delivery and finance.” This report, gathered by analyzing over 30 individual service models in 16 countries, provides insights into IDH’s data-driven business analytics. The findings identify drivers of farmer resilience, cost reduction and financial sustainability in service models and the conditions needed for a supporting enabling environment.

Through these findings, we have been able support our partners with clear analytical underpinning of the business case for providing diversified and inclusive service to smallholders. Service providers see their existing models’ strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement in a new light. And new service delivery models are being designed from scratch, using the database to model scenarios. Importantly, by projecting the profitability and resilience of farmers into the future, service providers are better able to ensure that their service models provide for the real needs of the farm and farmer household—and so actually get valued and used by farmers!

As our work analyzing models of smallholder service delivery continues and increases, we plan to analyze an upwards of 30 models of service delivery next year, with approximately 20 pilot projects emerging from the analysis and 10 projects taken to scale through innovative financing. To support this growth, Andre Dellevoet, IDH Senior Africa Strategist and Business Developer is building a team of seasoned agribusiness development managers, financial experts and business analysts in Kenya to serve African businesses. In the future, we also look to establish teams in Asia and Latin-America.

Curious to know more? In the new year, we will resume a series of deep dive webinars into themes emerging from the new insights into novel and best approaches to smallholder engagement.

Stay tuned, or contact David Rosenberg to get involved.