New report shares trends and lessons in linking TA to Blended Finance

Commissioned by AGRA and IDH, this report explores the Technical Assistance (TA), being provided in relation to blended finance, to drive agricultural transformation.

Transforming Agriculture by Linking Technical Assistance to Blended Finance for Agriculture: Trends and Lessons from Africa, aims to explore the Technical Assistance (TA), in relation to blended finance that drives agricultural transformation.

TA is advisory, assistance or training provided to reduce transaction costs and operational risks and increase developmental impact. It can attract and support private investment and financing for agriculture by managing risk and reducing transaction costs.

The key questions the report sets out to answer are:

  1. Which TA facilities currently exist that have a focus on agriculture in Africa and a link with (blended) finance?
  2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the different models for TA (integrated, linked and independent)?
  3. What are the key lessons learned in provision of TA linked to (blended) finance for agriculture in Africa, especially related to how this TA is being provided and managed?
  4. Which mechanisms help to increase the chances of the financial additionality of TA to prevent that TA is merely used to make financial products more attractive?
  5. Which mechanisms help to increase the chances of developmental additionality of TA and ensure the sustainable development goals are met because of the use of TA?

To check the report’s findings read more at the link below.

Final public report Enclude TA and blended finance.docx.

The report was prepared by Enclude, an advisory and investment banking services that aims to drive sustainable growth in small businesses and financial institutions in emerging economies.