Over 500 Factories Join Life and Building Safety Initiative

In a significant stride toward enhancing safety standards in workplaces, the Life and Building Safety (LABS) Initiative announces the successful inclusion of over 500 factories under its comprehensive program across its countries of operations, including India, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Indonesia.

Since its inception, the Initiative has been dedicated to fostering a culture of safety in the textile, apparel and footwear manufacturing sector. The achievement of this milestone not only underscores the commitment to ensuring the well-being of workers but also serves as a powerful testament to the collective intention of factories and the industry to transition to safer practices and embed a culture of safety.

LABS places a strong emphasis on implementing rigorous safety protocols and continuous improvement practices to promote safe working environments. With a footprint extending to over 500 factories, LABS has positively impacted over a million workers, creating a safer workplace for all.

Pramit Chanda, Global Director – Textile and Manufacturing at IDH and Spokesperson for LABS, shared their thoughts: “This achievement has been a result of collaborative efforts and commitment of all stakeholders involved. It reflects the industry’s strong intention to embed a safety culture. LABS remains steadfast in its mission to create safer working conditions, and we are proud to witness the positive transformation of the sector.”

LABS is a comprehensive effort involving various stakeholders, including brands including Gap Inc., Nike, Target, VF Corporation, and Walmart, along with government agencies and non-profit organizations. The approach encompasses robust training programs, safety assessments, and the implementation of best practices to ensure a sustainable safety culture.

Since its launch in 2019, LABS has made significant progress in conducting over 492 assessments in factories and achieving a 77% remediation rate. LABS also offers capacity-building support through training programs and technical assistance to enhance stakeholders’ knowledge and skills in life and building safety. So far, the Initiative has conducted over 924 safety training sessions.

As we celebrate this milestone, LABS Initiative remains resolute in its commitment to further expanding its reach, making factories safer, and contributing to the overall well-being of workers.