Smart technologies help tilapia farmers to become more efficient

On June 17, the Smart Technologies for Tilapia Farming Matchmaking Event took place in Zhanjiang, China. At the event, smart technology companies demonstrated their products to around 50 representatives from aquaculture enterprises and farmers in Hainan and Guangdong. The event coincided with China’s 2019 Energy Conservation Publicity Week, advocating “green development, prioritize saving energy” and was organized by IDH, the Sustainable Trade Initiative, China Blue Sustainable Institute and others public and private partners.

Tilapia is key in feeding a growing world population that is increasing their animal protein intake, within environmental limits. Smart technologies can help farmers to become more efficient by reducing diseases and health products, feed more accurately, better understand water quality, and reduce electricity costs. The matchmaking event encouraged small and medium-sized farmers to adopt smart facilities and promote a better dialogue between farmers and smart technology companies. Currently there is a gap between the technology companies and tilapia farmers that needs to be bridged. This event was a first attempt into this direction.

The positive reactions of both farmers and technology companies proved the importance of creating better linkages between farmers and smart technology companies. The event strengthened IDH and China Blue’s determination to continue to promote the smart technology for sustainable development of China’s aquaculture.

I have never participated in such an activity before. Such activities are very meaningful, and I hope to attend them more often in the future!

Li Yueyue, the founder of Yu Da Da tech company.