Strengthening Collaboration for Climate Resilient Cotton Landscape in Southern Chad: Multi-Stakeholder Coalition Reconvenes

Sharing a common vision of sustainable and equitable economic and social development in southern Chad, IDH and Cotontchad Société Nouvelle (Cotontchad) are reconvening its partners to further collaborate on the development of a regional sustainable development plan called ‘Compact.’ The aim of today’s workshop is to give further articulation to the overall vision and agree on concrete actions and targets towards the creation of climate-resilient livelihoods that also take into consideration the protection and regeneration of the region’s natural resource base.

In October 2022, IDH and Cotontchad initiated the formation of a landscape platform by inviting stakeholders to sign a Letter of Intent. By signing, coalition partners committed to working together towards a common vision. The ‘Compact’ aligns with IDH’s Production – Protection – Inclusion landscape approach, which is a framework for inclusive and multi-sectoral land use management and territorial development.

The platform is supported by the Ministry of Agricultural Production and Processing, the Ministry of Environment, Fisheries and Sustainable Development, the Ministry of Livestock and Animal Production, the Chad Institute for Agronomical Research, the National Rural Development Support Agency, as well as several private sector companies and civil society organizations. Farmers are represented through the National Union of Cotton Producers of Chad.

Mr. Pramit Chanda, Global Director – Textiles & Manufacturing at IDH said, “Local ownership is key to defining the landscape plan. I am therefore excited to see this group put their heads together to agree on activities aimed at increasing the future resilience of the communities in Southern Chad. Crucial in this will be to improve farmers’ access to services, to scale the adoption of climate-smart agricultural practices, and to strengthen different value chains and market linkages.”

Speaking about the workshop, Mr. Bani Nguinano, Director of Social and Environmental Responsibility of Cotontchad said: “We wholeheartedly embrace the opportunity to reconnect with our landscape partners and navigate the way forward. The landscape approach serves as a pivotal tool in nurturing the economic and social advancement of the Sudanian zone in southern Chad, with rural communities placed at the heart of this transformative process. The diverse range of committed partners within the landscape brings a wealth of expertise, enabling us to tackle together vital topics such as climate resilience, financial inclusion, food security, and female empowerment. Together, we empower ourselves to forge a sustainable and prosperous future for this cherished region.”