IDH Farmfit webinar recordings published: Closing the smallholder finance gap

On December 11th  IDH Farmfit and The Learning Lab invited three different organizations we have worked with – ECOMSyngenta and Tulaa – to share key insights on (1) how and why they are engaging with smallholders today, (2) what challenges have they encountered in this journey and, (3) what financial and impact returns have they seen to date.

Key findings are among others:

  1. There is a huge appetite for this topic, people are keen to learn more about it.  Demand for financial products serving smallholder farmers outstrips supply.
  2. Companies in the agricultural sector play a large role in closing the finance gap. They know the farmers, they understand their needs and they know the market. Financial institution should leverage this expertise to develop new financial product that are designed to serve smallholder farmers.
  3. To enable this change, partnership is key.

Listen to the recording of our webinar and find out how organizations solve this in the field!