Farmfit Gender Report: Optimizing Farm Systems Through Gender Inclusion

Leveraging Agricultural Service Delivery

Smallholder farmers are vital to meeting the growing demand for quality raw materials, both in export and local or regional food supply chains. Yet, many of these farming households have limited access to the global market economy and the goods and services it offers. This prevents them from investing in their farms and results in low farm productivity and low household incomes.

These “aspiring poor” are potential clients to companies, purchasing their goods and services. With 270 million smallholder farmers in Latin America, Sub Sahara Africa and Asia alone, this market is expected to grow, and companies who are able to offer quality services and products to smallholders now, might reap the benefits of brand loyalty in the years to come.

While market opportunities exist, a few key barriers keep the private sector from investing in service provision to smallholder farmers. IDH Farmfit is working to change this, by catalyzing a competitive marketplace of companies providing smallholder farmers with a choice of affordable, inclusive and high-quality services.

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