IDH 2020 Annual Report: Sustainable Business Models Delivering Impact

In 2020 the pandemic hit the world hard. Especially the most vulnerable groups, and showed us how important it is to shift the economy to benefit producers, workers and the environment. If there’s one lesson from the pandemic, it is how interconnected we are, and how vulnerable our supply chains. They need to be designed with sustainability at heart.

In 2020 impact and scale continued to be at the core of everything we do. IDH reached over 3.2 million farmers and workers and over 7,5 million ha of land are now under sustainable agricultural practices.

Read more results and highlights in our 2020 annual report. They are the result of cooperation and investment by IDH and its 650 private and public partners in sustainable production and trade to impact the  SDGs. Join the journey.

IDH has an ANBI status. Download the document (in Dutch)

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