Request for Proposal: In-STEP program: Sustainable Textiles Environment Program; driving cleaner production in Ethiopia

On the basis of this request for proposal, IDH is soliciting experienced Service Providers who can deliver Environmental program capacity building services relevant to factories in Ethiopia, to help improve and support the environmental sustainability of the textile sector in the country.

To that end, a project is devised to baseline performance and build up capacity, both in terms of facilities’ know-how and local experts, for continuous improvement.

The objectives of this work are as follows:

  1. Establish a baseline for environmental performance at the factory, Industrial Park and ultimately at the industry level
  2. Build local capacity for self-assessment, verification and improvement
  3. Develop a continuous improvement culture and programs
  4. Assist the Government of Ethiopia and industry bodies to learn from the Higg Index as an international best practice that can support improvements and inform policies.
  5. (Support the development of a model and methodology which can be replicated in other geographies)

For this work, two roles are envisioned: a trainer role and a verifier role. These roles can not be fulfilled by the same organization. It is possible to apply for both roles, but a maximum of one role can be awarded to your organization.

Deadline for submission of proposals is April 3rd.

For more information please download the document.

200316 RFP In STEP program – trainer role

200316 RFP In STEP program – verifier role