The UK government’s ambitious 25 Year Environment Plan has made commitments to improve the environment within a generation by pursuing cleaner air, plentiful water, thriving plants and using natural resources sustainably and efficiently. Over the course of 2020, IDH UK will develop a unique proposition to support the overarching IDH 2025 transformational outcomes, and contribute to the UK’s 25 Year Plan.

Climate change, deforestation and poverty are global issues that go beyond the reach of single companies or governments; it takes public-private cooperation to solve them. We believe the market needs an organisation with the value IDH offers; the ability to be a trusted, independent convenor to deliver results at a rapid pace and ultimately drive systemic change. IDH specialises in supporting various stakeholders in making change happen. We bring together partners such as civil society organisations (CSOs), farmer organisations and governments at a local level to coordinate and drive sustainable change, thus creating the optimal conditions for scaling new business models and unlocking their full impact potential.

IDH UK will seek to identify ambitious actions to drive more resilient and sustainable agricultural systems that avoid deforestation and environmental degradation overseas while supporting job creation and livelihoods.

Finally, Many of IDH’s existing brand partners are headquartered in the UK or have major operations in the UK market. These partners have a desire to convene within the UK pertaining to concrete topic areas to which they are seeking solutions, including, but not limited to: circularity in the apparel sector; packaging and distribution options for food and beverage companies; living wage in the food and beverages sector; and preparing for legislation on human rights due diligence (such as that implemented in France, Switzerland and Germany).

The IDH UK team will focus on convening in this capacity and actioning impact in close consultation with the relevant programme teams in IDH Headquarters who have well-established relationships with UK-based companies.

IDH UK is now seeking senior leaders to join it’s UK Board and help shape the strategy of the organisation in years to come.

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