IDH, The Sustainable Trade Initiative is an international organization that convenes, finances and manages large programs to accelerate transitions toward sustainability together with multinational and smaller companies, governments and civil society. Headquartered in the Netherlands and funded by different governments and foundations, IDH delivers scalable, economically viable impact on the Sustainable Development Goals. IDH operates globally in 12 different industry sectors ranging from coffee and tea to cotton and soy, and encourages joint investment in innovative models to realize long-term solutions for environmentally and socially sustainable production.

Leveraging the sourcing commitments of companies, the jurisdictional power of governments, and the knowledge and networks of local civil society organizations, we develop strategies which encourage forest protection in supply chains, that is coupled with social inclusion and economic production. This is known is our Production, Protection and Inclusion approach. We focus on deforestation-vulnerable landscapes across for example the palm oil, timber, soy, tea, coffee, and cocoa supply chains. We aim to create sustainable land governance models, improve degraded land, and create economically viable production and protection areas. We then connect these sustainable production areas to global markets.

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