Cocoa & Forests Initiative Company Action Plans Now Available

Thirty companies, accounting for about 85% of global cocoa usage, have now released their individual action plans to end deforestation in the cocoa sector and restore forest areas. The action plans focus on (1) forest protection and restoration, (2) sustainable cocoa production and farmers’ livelihoods, and (3) community engagement and social inclusion.

This public disclosure is part of the commitments of the Cocoa & Forests Initiative, which was launched in November 2017 at the UN Climate Change Conference in Bonn, Germany with the signing of the Frameworks for Action (GhanaCôte d’Ivoire). These initial plans will be updated in 2019 in conjunction with the governments’ completion of several ongoing steps, including the revision of land use policies and regulations, mapping of protected areas, and collection of key forest and land use data. Aggregated action plans are available on the World Cocoa Foundation Website:

Côte d’Ivoire Action Plans English / French

Ghana Action Plans English

Companies and governments are already implementing key actions on the ground to halt deforestation in the most ecologically important and environmentally sensitive areas. Significant steps include: