Environmental improvements combined with financial savings in the apparel industry

New Tier 1 Vietnam program

Today, on Zero Emissions Day, the world aims to give our planet a day off. A day with little or no carbon gas emissions, giving the planet and its ecosystems a break.

Aiming to reduce emissions also beyond this day, IDH and its partner the Apparel Impact Institute are proud to announce the Tier 1 Vietnam program in the apparel sector, building on the earlier work of Clean by Design and the Race to the Top Vietnam initiative.

In alignment with the Paris Agreement, the program aims to reduce the negative impact from the apparel industry. As a significant contributor to environmental degradation today, the industry is taking action to reduce its footprint.

Saving electricity that turns on 153.551 laptops for a year

In earlier work, we have seen savings in a cohort of 2nd tier facilities of 10.198tons CO2 per year, or better said 2040 cars on the road for a full year, in the Race to the Top program. Electricity savings as part of this multi-stakeholder initiative compare to 153.551 laptops turned on for a year.

Leveraging on the work from the Race to the Top, the Tier 1 Vietnam program will scale this further and continue to reduce emissions.

We believe that implementing environmental projects in tier 1 facilities can save significant of energy use (coal, gas, wood & kWh electricity reduction), as well as millions of dollars.

About our partners:

Apparel Impact Institute (Aii), co-founded by among others IDH in 2017, works to scale positive impact in the apparel and footwear industry by identifying, funding, scaling and measuring innovative programs to meet critical environmental outcomes.

Race to the Top is an initiative coordinated by IDH, that aims to reshape Vietnam’s apparel and footwear sector by promoting and embedding sustainable manufacturing practices. The initiative is a collaborative effort between the Vietnamese government, the Vietnamese apparel and footwear industry, global consumer brands, civil society organizations, and international organizations.

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