IDH and ZDHC Initiative collaborate to promote sustainable industrial practices in Ethiopia

In a significant step towards promoting sustainable industrial practices, IDH, along with the ZDHC Foundation, facilitated a series of training sessions for industrial parks in Ethiopia aimed at establishing sustainable chemical management systems.

Hosted by Bluwin and supported by the Industrial Parks Development Corporation (IPDC), these training sessions yielded promising outcomes, marking a pivotal milestone for IDH’s IN Sustainable Textile and Apparel Parks (INSTEP) programme, under which the Industrial Parks in Ethiopia and Vietnam (IPEV) project is being implemented.

Between December and February, 150 experts from eight industrial parks and 37 factories, alongside government officials, participated in the training series. Sector expert Dr. Siva Pariti led the sessions with a focus on global standards and innovations in chemical management, emphasizing the practical application of ZDHC principles.

The training modules covered topics such as the ZDHC Chemical Management System (CMS) Framework, wastewater management, wastewater treatment system operator qualifications, and technical industry guidance. The training provided enhanced knowledge and tools necessary to drive systemic change at the industrial park level.

Through interactive workshops, participants also engaged in practical exercises aimed at fostering a culture of sustainability and accountability within the industry. Furthermore, the training sessions provided a fertile ground for networking and collaboration among industry experts.

The IPEV project extends its reach to industrial parks in Vietnam, with training activities set to commence in April 2024.