GSSI and IDH launch Seafood MAP program to accelerate sustainable seafood

On March 30 2020, at a SeafoodSource webinar, the Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative (GSSI) and IDH, the Sustainable Trade Initiative, launched Seafood MAP – a new market and investment program, supported by leading seafood companies, to accelerate sustainable seafood worldwide.

Seafood MAP – Measuring and Accelerating Performance of global seafood supply – responds to an urgent need to drive more responsible practices across the sector. It provides global guidance and incentives to seafood producers that are not yet certified to become more sustainable and profitable. This will create investment opportunities for financiers to support the supply of sustainable seafood to fast growing consumer markets in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

In 2020, Seafood MAP will develop a responsible roadmap and framework, based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals and FAO Guidelines. The first pilots are due to go live in mid-2020 in regions worldwide, following the latest assessments in light of the global pandemic.

“In a fragmented sector like seafood, the alignment and shared learning under Seafood MAP are essential to drive the majority of seafood, that is still uncertified, towards responsible and future-proof practices that can feed the world” said Flavio Corsin, Aquaculture Director, IDH

“Seafood MAP offers enormous value for our industry and international partners as we work together to accelerate sustainable seafood worldwide. We look forward to more organizations joining our shared sustainability journey” said Herman Wisse, Executive Director, GSSI

GSSI partners shared how global industry can benefit from the new program going forward.

Bill DiMento, Corporate Vice President of Sustainability and Government Affairs, High Liner Foods, and GSSI Board Chariman explained “Seafood MAP will provide a responsible roadmap for seafood industry buyers, retailers, food service distributors and operators to engage with fisheries and aquaculture operations that do not currently have resources to achieve certification.  Supporting these efforts will allow buyers to make credible commitments while driving positive improvements in resource limited fisheries and aquaculture. Seafood MAP has a great opportunity working alongside credible certification schemes to close the enormous gap in sustainable fisheries around the world.”

Ángel Matamoro Irago, Chief Corporate Social Responsibility and Institutional Relations Officer, Nueva Pescanova, said “The program promotes collaboration between industry and governments, as is the case in Galicia, where Nueva Pescanova and the regional government will pilot Seafood MAP this year.”

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