IDH Webinar: Closing the Coffee Living Income Gap

Across the coffee sector, many coffee producers and their families live well below recognized “living income” benchmarks. The long-term price of coffee in the futures market has remained roughly the same for the last 47 years, resulting in a significant decrease in farmers’ purchasing power. The IDH Coffee team has over the last year convened the Taskforce for Coffee Living Income in order to develop proactive and fact based overview of effective sourcing models and enabling conditions for living income in Colombia.

In this webinar we share findings from the taskforce’s latest report, presented by Jordy van Honk and Ted van der Put from IDH, as well as Daniel Pedersen from NewForesight. Paolo Barone – the head of coffee sustainability and origin development of Nespresso – also shares how Nespresso sees the living income gap in coffee.

Download the executive summary of the report hereand for the full details get the in depth report here.

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