IDH4Gender – The Tea and Flower Experiences

Men and women need to move together towards equality: policies should work for and include both genders. This is one of the key takeaways from the first IDH4Gender cross-learning event.

In both the IDH flowers and tea sector programs, companies and other actors have indicated that there exists a need to share learnings, good practices and experiences about addressing gender issues in the workplace. At the IDH4Gender event in Nairobi, Kenya, over 55 players, predominantly from the business side in the tea and flower sectors in Kenya, Ethiopia, Colombia and Malawi, participated in the conversation on how to integrate gender into their supply chains. Topics that were addressed are workplace safety, sexual harassment, and leadership and empowerment.

The aim of the cross-learning event was to create an open space for discussing, sharing and learning from a business perspective. IDH partners from the flowers and tea sectors shared on the ground experiences around working on gender to facilitate the replication and scaling of best practices among sectors.

Read our report: IDH4Gender – The Tea and Flower Experiences for all our insights.