Kenyan Ministry of Environment supports IDH’s landscape program in South West Mau Forest

IDH’s landscape program team in Kenya (ISLA Kenya), together with private sector partners and the Dutch ambassador, met with the ministry of Environment and Natural Resources in Nairobi on 23 January 2017 for a dialogue of common interest in the South West Mau.

Hosted by the Dutch ambassador to Kenya, Frans Makken, the delegation discussed with the Environment and Natural Resources Cabinet Secretary, Hon. Prof. Judi Wakhungu, common goals and actions towards protection of the South West Mau.

The Cabinet Secretary, expressed her appreciation and support to the program.

Other participants from the ministry included Principal Secretary, Dr. Margaret Mwakima; Conservation Secretary, Mr. Gideon Gathara and the KFS Director, Emilio Mugo.

The Dutch ambassador, Frans Makken, recognized the efforts of the Ministry in solving the issues that face Kenya’s natural resources.

There is a strong linkage between the work of ISLA Kenya and the national government’s commitment to working with public private partnerships to enhance the development, conservation and management of Kenya’s forest resource base in public forests.

The government of Kenya is committed to restoring over five million hectares of land. ISLA Kenya aims to support this commitment through its reforestation projects with private sector partners.

Moreover, the Kenya Forest Services (KFS), an agency of the ministry of environment and natural resources, partners with ISLA Kenya in implementing projects in South West Mau.

Going forward, the points of action from the dialogue will positively influence the mission to restore the South West Mau Forest complex. Furthermore, the points of action will be crucial to the ISLA program throughout the implementation of proposed innovative solutions.

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