La Moraleja latest member of the Sustainable Juice Covenant

Argentinian lemon producer and processor La Moraleja has joined the Sustainable Juice Covenant. La Moraleja is already working with FSA (Farm Sustainability Assessment) Gold Level across all of its own farms in Salta, Argentina. The lemon producer is well-aligned with the Juice Covenant target of 100% sustainable sourcing by 2030. It is fantastic to have La Moraleja on-board, as the Covenant continues to build momentum.

LA MORALEJA SA. is glad to become a member of Juice Covenant to be up to date with regards the latest news and trends of sustainable production and is committed to meet the goals of the organization. We also look forward to sharing and exchanging experiences regarding challenges to overcome in order to produce and market our products in a sustainable way

Carlos Lemir, Quality Systems Manager, La Moraleja

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