Life and Building Safety Initiative and DKI Jakarta Regional Disaster Management Agency Collaborate to Enhance Public Building Safety

The Life and Building Safety Initiative (LABS) and DKI Jakarta Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD DKI Jakarta) has entered into a strategic collaboration for improving safety standards in the public buildings in DKI Jakarta.

This collaboration aims to integrate LABS’ expertise in building safety with BPBD DKI Jakarta’s proficiency in disaster preparedness and response, creating a comprehensive approach to safeguarding lives and infrastructure.

As a part of this collaboration, the organizations will develop evaluation and assessment modules to improve life safety in public buildings in DKI Jakarta by preparing a guiding document dedicated to evaluation of public buildings for fire, electrical and building safety.

Pramit Chanda, Global Director – Textile & Manufacturing – IDH and Spokesperson for LABS Initiative, said, “As we embark on this transformative collaboration with BPBD DKI Jakarta, we recognize the immense value of merging our efforts to create safer buildings. LABS is committed to bringing our global expertise to the table, working hand-in-hand with BPBD DKI Jakarta to address building safety.”

Drs Isnawa Adji, M.A.P, Chief Executive of the DKI Jakarta Disaster Management Agency said: “This collaboration marks a significant step forward in our commitment to enhancing safety standards and promoting life safety in public buildings across the province of DKI Jakarta. We express our sincere gratitude to LABS and IDH for their invaluable contribution to the development of our assessment module. By adopting the international LABS standard, we aim to elevate our safety standards to a level that sets DKI Jakarta as a model city for others to emulate. With the LABS Standard, Jakarta will become a global city, disaster resilient and more livable. This collaboration is not just a partnership; it is a joint commitment to creating safer buildings and promoting life safety. We welcome this opportunity to work together towards a safer and more resilient DKI Jakarta.”

Rian Sarsono, Chair of the Prevention Affairs Subgroup, BPBD DKI, said, “The assessment module developed using LABS Standards can certainly increase the capacity and capability of the functions of the DKI Jakarta Regional Disaster Management Agency. This is very important considering that one of our tasks is to establish guidelines and direction in accordance with the policies of the Regional Government and the National Disaster Management Agency regarding Disaster Management efforts which include pre-disaster, disaster emergency response and post-disaster in a fair and equitable manner and in accordance with needs and developments.”

Basuki Rakhmat, Chair of the Subgroup for Community and Institutional Empowerment Affairs – BPBD DKI, said: “Disaster prevention can be done well if the government has competent, appropriate, and up-to-date assessment guidelines. By adopting the LABS Methodology & Standards, it is hoped that various elements, both government and private, can jointly commit to the implementation of these safety standards, so that DKI Jakarta can have building facilities and public facilities that are resilient to disasters.”

The LABS and BPBD DKI Jakarta collaboration reflects a shared commitment to creating safer buildings and promoting life safety. It sets momentum for a broader dialogue on safety standards, and serves as a catalyst for wider change, aligning private and public sector efforts towards life and building safety.