Seafood MAP: First Tests to start in October

A new phase is about to begin for the Seafood MAP project. After consultations with various GSSI Partners and stakeholders over the summer, the first tests of the framework will be carried out in October. Six organizations in six different locations have been chosen for this initial round of testing, with a focus on small-scale producers:

  • IDH, the Sustainable Trade Initiative, in Indonesia.
  • GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit), in Uganda.
  • Asian Seafood Improvement Collaborative, in South East Asia.
  • CAPPMA and the China Blue Sustainability Institute, in China.
  • Nueva Pescanova and Xunta de Galicia, in Spain.
  • Pescamar, in Mozambique.

The organizations were proposed by Sustainability Incubator (SI), the group of consultants hired by GSSI and IDH to design Seafood MAP’s framework. The selection criteria were based on the diversity of geographic regions, the current sustainability advancement of the locations, and the balance between fisheries and aquaculture.

The objective for this phase is to test a number of functionalities that will help design a version of Seafood MAP that can be piloted on a broader scale with more GSSI Partners and members of the seafood value chain, such as seafood buyers. We expect a series of pilots to be rolled out in 2021.