Steven Collet succeeds Ted vd Put in Executive Board

After almost 7 years co-leading IDH as Executive Board member, Ted van der Put decided to rebalance his work and life in a more sustainable way and step back from IDH’s Executive Board. Per January 1st 2017 he will be succeeded by Steven Collet.

Steven Collet has a passion for managing change. Before joining IDH he worked in Tanzania and Vietnam as a diplomat on the integration of aid and trade. His most recent position was at the Dutch ministry of Foreign Affairs, where he coordinated the reforms of the Dutch Foreign Service as the ministry’s chief of staff. Steven Collet acts as of January 1, 2017 on as Executive Board member of IDH with a focus on operations, communication and learning.
In the few months I have now worked for IDH I have experienced the organization as a very, very energizing working environment with an extremely motivated and professional staff, willing to make many extra miles. The agile and entrepreneurial culture of IDH, coupled with its mission to stretch business agendas to deliver mainstream impact on the Sustainable Development Goals, make IDH a very exciting workplace. I am looking forward to help steer this dedicated organization in its drive to achieve large scale meaningful change’

Ted van der Put: “My period in this role with IDH has been a real privilege. It allowed me to help shape and professionalize this inspiring organization while maintaining its original spirit and ambitions. It also allowed me to work effectively on sustainability in many different sectors with front running partners in companies, NGO’s and governments. I thank all our partners for their trust and support in that successful cooperation in the past years. On top of all this I was allowed to work with an exceptionally most engaged, positive and talented staff. It’s been a great journey that now reaches a turning point” .
Ted van der Put will continue to work as an independent consultant and Executive Advisor on sustainable business strategies and convening sector leadership in (mainly) Coffee and Apparel Programs.