SDM Case Study: SKN Caribecafé, Colombia

SKN Caribecafé (of which Neumann Kaffee Gruppe is the majority shareholder) is a Colombian coffee company that sources high-quality Arabica coffee from smallholder farmers. In 2007 SKN Caribecafé started a partnership with Nespresso to source AAA quality coffee, that buys directly from farmers through their 10 buying stations. They are currently sourcing from 3,700 farmers and this will increase to over 10,000 in the coming years.

They provide these farmers with services such as extension services, financial services, certification and compliance, fertilizer and crop protection, information services and market access. The main goals of this SDM are to strengthen SKN’s supply chain and to enable farmers to reach their full potential.

The analysis shows that the supplied services significantly increase (high-quality) coffee production and therewith also farmer income.

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Download publication

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