Conveners Guide for Building Landscape Coalitions

EcoAgriculture Partners and IDH present a “How to… guide” for promoting effective coordinated private, public and civil sector investments in sustainable natural resources management.

The Practical Guide shares organizations’ experiences in developing multi-stakeholder initiatives with strong private sector engagement and effective governance systems. It touches upon some of the tricky challenges of landscape coalitions, like recognizing stakeholders’ varying perspectives about a landscape, coordinating action at multiple scales, and aligning business motivations with those of other stakeholders.

Momentum for using a landscape approach to sustainable development is growing. An increasing number of organizations and businesses are engaging in landscape-level multi-stakeholder coalitions, with the aim to improve the management of natural resources through collaboration and coordination. Consequently, new initiatives with similar objectives are emerging and these initiatives are looking for guidance on how to promote effective, coordinated, private, public and civil sector investments in the sustainable use of natural resources.

To address this need, EcoAgriculture Partners and IDH have developed a “Practical Guide for Conveners”, which specifically informs the strategy of landscape leaders who have to plan, implement and monitor the actions of multi-stakeholder landscape coalitions. In particular, it draws from the diverse field experiences of IDH Landscapes program in Brazil, Côte d’Ivoire, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Kenya, and Vietnam, and from landscape initiatives that EcoAgriculture Partners has supported in Kenya, Tanzania, Brazil, and Indonesia.

This publication follows the release of the Little Sustainable Landscape Book in 2015, a collaborative publication to which EcoAgriculture Partners and IDH contributed, and which defines and clarifies sustainable landscape management principles.