Terms of Reference: Mid-term evaluation study for the Coffee Farmer Income Resilience Program

The high-level objective of the Coffee Farmer Income resilience Program (CFIRP), a partnership between the IKEA Foundation and IDH, is to expand IDH’s proven service delivery model approach in the coffee sector to develop a robust proof of concept for blending coffee-specific services with services for other non-coffee farm produce to improve income resilience of 20,000 coffee farming families in Kenya and Uganda. IDH has co-developed with private sector partners service delivery systems which integrate a stepwise approach to achieving income resilience for farmers while transitioning farm systems to regenerative agriculture. Moreover, the program is helping to address the power imbalance in two dimensions: between farmers/farmers organizations and other value chain actors in aspects of coffee trading practices and between farmers/farmers organizations and sector regulators in policy formulation.


The mid-term evaluation is one of three evaluations to be done in the full cycle of the program: baseline, mid-term, and end-term. The mid-term evaluation’s findings should be compared against the baseline study.

Two objectives are set forth:

  • Evaluate the program’s progress compared to the Theory of Change and the baseline evaluation.
  • Reflect on the OECD-DAC criteria in light of additionality of the Program.
Proposal can be submitted to James Kamakia at kamakia@idhtrade.org with copy to wefers@idhtrade.org before 11th January 2023 at 17.00 EAT.


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Answers from IDH can be found in this information notice:

Information Notice Mid-term progress assessment CFIRP_21122023


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