During a series of events, partners from all over the world, from producers to governments to private sector and NGOs have been joining us and working with us to detail the plan for the coming years - focused on action and real impact. Click on each event for a quick recap.

  1. Soy Stakeholder Dinner
  2. Sustainable Tropical Timber Event
  3. Urgency of Action against Deforestation Dinner
  4. Country Showcase breakfast
  5. Palm Oil Debate
  6. Palm Oil Dinner

IDH proposes nine key actions to reach impact at scale on deforestation-free and sustainable commodities.

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The urgency for action against deforestation

During the week, IDH presented a synthesis to underline the urgency of action required both in consumer and producer countries, review key gaps in current sustainability plans.

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Soy Stakeholder Dinner

The production of soy is very important for poor regions in Brazil, because it brings development. However, if done incorrectly it can also bring deforestation. We need to look at the reasons behind deforestation: what are the needs of the smallholders? Often there are no feasible alternatives for many people in poor areas. That is what we need to change.

A highlight of last year was that the production of sustainable soy has grown, however, we still see a lack in demand for sustainable soy. That needs to change. Europe can play an important role to help on the market side.

Reports show that we are not meeting our commitments, and that is an important message. However, it doesn’t offer a constructive approach. We are here together, producers, companies, governments, to take responsibility and work together on next steps to take. That is what is needed.

What else happened around soy in the International Sustainability Week of the Amsterdam Declaration Partnership? The Roundtable for Responsible Soy (RTRS) joins coalition to increase sustainable soy, low-carbon production in Sorriso


Sustainable Tropical Timber Event

If Europe imports only sustainable tropical timber 12,5 million ha of tropical forest more will be protected.

We can't discuss deforestation without discussing forests. We've lost 225m hectares since 2010. That is 20% of Europe's land mass.

FLEGT and and certified timber can help keep forests intact.


Urgency of Action against Deforestation Dinner

We need to change the discussion: from deforestation is bad to let's talk about the greater good.

It is not about the front runners, it's about the peloton.


Country Showcase breakfast

We always work together with private sectors to strengthen and improve Indonesia sustainable palm oil policy. To ensure there will be no more deforestation in the future and at the same time to improve our smallholder livelihoods.


Palm Oil Debate

Sustainable palm oil will never mean preserved environment, prosperous communities if smallholders are excluded in the process.

We must create more incentives for smallholders - better livelihoods and opportunities to learn best management practices.

Deforestation is linked to poverty. Sustainable palm oil can help us address both.

We should go out and speak to the laggards, on behalf of the smallholders.


Palm Oil Dinner

Happy to hear that children of palm oil workers in Sabah now are able to attend school due to improvement of sustainable palm oil production through our collective action

I am proud that now we have around 4,000 independent smallholders with RSPO certification which working on 11,000 hectares. It’s really a big achievement for us, as independent smallholders, who would never have thought before we can obtain RSPO certificates.