Companies and governments around the world have made pledges to make commodities deforestation-free by 2020. And yet forest loss continues at an alarming rate.

Commitments matter, but stopping global deforestation will take more than words. It requires real actions from European producers  and on the ground in producing countries, while transforming markets globally.

With 2020 coming closer, it is clear that the ambitious objectives of many players concerning no-deforestation in supply chains will not be met.

In the week of the Amsterdam Declaration Partnership Multi-Stakeholder Meeting this June, IDH will (co-)organize a series of events to discuss with the Amsterdam Declaration signatory countries, producing country governments (including Argentina, Colombia, Ghana, Indonesia, Ivory Coast & Malaysia,) and our partner organizations actions to move forward.

Join us from 11-14 June 2019 in Utrecht, the Netherlands in the International Sustainability Week to drive solutions towards deforestation-free, sustainable commodities.

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