10 years back and 10 years forward – hopes and fears for agri-supply chains

Reflections from Olam CEO, Sunny Verghese and Joost Oorthuizen on agricultural developments over the last 10 years, the challenges we still face for the future and best practices in creating change.

This blog is published in partnership with Olam and also features on their website in their blog series ‘Things we learned this year’.

“If you ask me about the state of our world today, I have mixed emotions”, muses Sunny Verghese, Co-founder & Group CEO of Olam, an agri-business that supplies many household brands with crops and ingredients like cocoa, coffee, cashew, almonds, dairy and spices.

“On the one hand, our collective awareness of social and environmental issues has significantly improved, but on the other, we have made little progress on addressing these major challenges. This dramatically enhances the risks of disruptive, even cataclysmic, climate change impacts. No longer are we talking about our children and grandchildren seeing the impacts of climate change. It’s happening in our lifetime, right now.”